At the core of our business is the provision of high-quality investment management services, with an emphasis on building strong client relationships.


Who we are

Fux Immo AG was formed in 1979 to share its management team's broad organize and in-depth market knowledge with imminent financial specialists in value speculations in the world financial services companies. Fourty years later, afterward, Fux Immo AG remains a leading DACH fund manager, focusing on small and mid-cap Worldwide financial companies related. Since 2019, under the financial guidance of Daniel Fux, Fux Immo AG has raised more than CHF 25.000.000 in committed capital.

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man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers
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Fux Immo AG makes a difference clients distinguish and seek after key choices, create techniques to extend shareholder value, raise capital to attain development targets, and produce modern thoughts and insights into individual companies and various areas of activity.


We act as a monetary speculator with the same aptitudes as a bank where you'll apply for a loan or a credit. You can consult our section on financing for more information on this process and the terms and conditions involved.


Our essential trade, the financial services sector, features a particular request to private financial specialists inquisitive about trading different types of assets. In any case, boundaries exist to entering this showcase. This is often where the know-how of Fux Immo comes into play: Our extensive national, international and worldwide network allows us to access a variety of transactions, which is why we can quickly respond to market changes

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